Easy to understand pilot study guide manuals for the Boeing Dreamliner. This assumes that you have gotten the official manuals (FCOM. This Flight Crew Operations Manual (FCOM) has been prepared by . customer document number is composed of the general FCOM. The Boeing Dreamliner is a long-haul twin-engine jet airliner that usually accommodates between to passengers in typical three-class seating.

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Indeed we can fly the on a common type-rating with the B Click here to read Passport requirements when travelling to Mayotte. Please view the media description page for details about the license of specific media files.

How Pilots Prepare For The Boeing 787

Take-off Weightlbskg. This additional training lasts just over a week, which is followed by two supervised flights aboard the actual aircraft. Take and many happy flights and landings.

Flaps requirement may vary with total aircraft weight. Complimenten voor je blog, Bauke! Ik niet wachten om er mee te vliegen.

Fuel Capacity 33, U. These checklists are based on real documentation but are still not recommended to be used in real aviation.

How Pilots Prepare For The Boeing – KLM Blog

Safety is and will remain our prime focus. The benefits of registering with MyBoeingTraining include: Remember me on this computer. Boeing – Dreamliner Basic Dimensions: We can use those experiences to guide our own training. During these sessions, pilots practice the most critical manoeuvres, including engine failure at take-off, loss of cabin pressure at high altitude, and piloting the aircraft in extreme weather conditions. Be proud like we did with the !


Dreamliner is a very tough job but challenging and rewarding as well! Because the Dreamliner is a lot like a flying server, packed with computer technology, it is relatively easy to simulate flight behaviour. Welcome Aboard the Boeing Aircraft. Automatic reminders for current enrollments Request for letter of invitation View and print invoices and training agreements History of training events Administrative features available for directors of maintenance, training coordinators or management personnel allows online enrollment for entire department.

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Turn-key courses Interactive curricula Color presentations Interactive media Content in context Annual updates. Easy online enrollment Waitlist for full courses. It is remarkable to see pilots extending a helping hand to one another when it comes to safety and operations, despite the fact that they serve competing airlines.


The cockpit of the B and B are so similar, however, that we are allowed to fly both. The introduction of a new aircraft to the fleet is a big thrill to everyone at KLM. I like to know how klm prepare maintenance personal to keep in God shape this magnificent aircraft and also how long take. Wing Span ft 2 in Book and manage your flight anytime, anywhere using the new and enhanced Fco mobile app. Well done KLM yet again, very best wishes for the future of the What a wonderful experience!


Every aspect of the new B has been evaluated from a safety point of view. You might be dcom. I hope to fly with that KLM Dreamliner. Juist de cabine zal veel fcoj. To keep their skills in shape, they will regularly undergo refresher courses until the real Dreamliners arrive.

Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner: Operating Manual and Checklists

Thrust changes result in a relatively constant indicated airspeed climb or descent. Your partner kenya airways already flies these route with an Hand flying straight and level Pushing the thrust levers forward will result in a climb at the current speed due to the fly-by-wire design—only the trim buttons change the “trim reference speed”. We use owned and fcoj cookies to improve our services.

Also, the security of your personal information is better safeguarded with an updated browser.

This is one of the many aspects that make this aircraft interesting for the company. However, pilots will still have to do additional training. You may be surprised to hear that this simulator is not made by Boeing, but by Thales, which supplies the rather unique technology.

Turn on night mode You can switch it off at any time in the account menu.