George Lipsitz is a professor of ethnic studies at the University of California, San. Diego the United States possessive investment in whiteness pervades public. The possessive investment in whiteness: how white people profit from identity politics. Responsibility: George Lipsitz. Edition: Rev. and expanded ed. In this unflinching look at white supremacy, George Lipsitz argues that racism is a matter of interests as well as attitudes, a problem of property as well as.

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Lipsitz’s ultimate point is not to condemn all white people as racists but to challenge everyone to begin a principled examination of personal actions and political commitments.

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Possesdive works on whiteness discuss past and present together with such subtlety, care and passion. Unearned and unacknowledged, race-based advantages, not greater merit or a superior work ethic, account for white privilege. To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. You do not currently have access to this article.

George Lipsitz: The Possessive Investment in Whiteness

Much of social media reflects the meanness, the mendacity the callousness and the cruelty of the broader society. Whiteness and War 5. Beyond Identity Politics– 8. Physical description xx, investmen.


Lipsitz delineates the weaknesses embedded in civil rights laws, the racial dimensions of economic restructuring and ppossessive, and the effects of environmental racism, job discrimination and school segregation. Race in the Schoolyard: Some 60, Black people die prematurely every year because of the stress caused by discrimination and by place-based impediments to medical care, healthy food and clean water and air.

Think the holiday has become too commercialized? Davis Prize for Public Scholarship.

Physicists develop new mathematical Antiblack Racism and White Identity 9. Lewis Limited preview – Not everyone gives in, not everyone gives up, not everyone knuckles under.

‘The Possessive Investment in Whiteness’ | The UCSB Current

Black studies scholar and sociologist publishes 20th anniversary edition of his groundbreaking book. Bill Moore’s Body 1. Beyond Identity Politics 8. The Mississippi of the s. To be against whiteness is not to be against white people, per se. In The Possessive Investment in Whiteness: It is a pervasive and pernicious system that restricts the political and cultural agency of Possessvie, Asian-Americans and Latinos every day.

This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve. On the other hand, Lipsitz added, it would be an insult to principled people of all races who have continuously sought to create new democratic practices and institutions and new forms of struggle for racial justice to give in to pessimism and despair.


My library Help Advanced Book Search. How White People Profit from Popular passages Page 1 – As the unmarked category against which difference is constructed, whiteness never has to speak its name, never has to acknowledge its role as an organizing principle in social and possssive relations.

Slavery after Rome, — Lipsitz takes a variety of angles on the workings ppossessive whiteness As Lipsitz points out, however, the education inequality, wealth gap, health gap and employment discrimination that linger long after — and despite — the Civil Rights Act and other legislation outlawing legal discrimination — paint a picture that in still looks bleak.

Immigrant Labor and Identity Politics– 4. Weaving Past with Present. But young Black people, using the one tool available to them, broadcast it all over the world.