Param Poojya Golwalkar Guruji a true patriot (Rashtra Bhakt). Posts about Guruji Golwalkar written by arisebharat.

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Though it is necessary to take the Muslims and Christians of Bharat along in the nation-building process, it is also important to golwa,kar cautious about the extremists, Jihadi and divisive elements active in the name of so-called minorities.

RSS supreme leader for more than 30 years, Golwalkar made it one of strongest religious-political organisations in India; its membership expanded fromto over one million, and it branched out into the political, social, religious, educational and labour fields through 50 front organisations. So, Shri Guruji deputed to Kashmir.

Shri Guruji Golwalkar – Biography By H. V. Sheshadri

Although, his mother tongue was Marathi, since Hindi was the general spoken language, Madhu had a firm grip on Hindi as well. In Februaryon the expiry of his teaching term, Shri Guruji returned to Nagpur and bycompleted his study of law. And the examples and lessons of the victorious and the great will inspire us with the necessary will to win and awaken in us the right discrimination to achieve ultimate victory in the path of dharmasthapana, i.

Meanwhile, having seen Shri Guruji from closer quarters, Doctorji tried to maintain contact with him. His outstanding achievement was that he not only expounded the pure concept of nationalism but inspired thousands to live by it. Sadashivrao, a former clerk in the Posts and Telegraphs Department, became a teacher in the Central Provinces and ended his career as headmaster of a high school.

The three letters, written and sealed by Shri Guruji were opened and read. Guruji had a clear vision of the ideal conditions in every sphere of national life. Would you like to meet such leaders?

Anti-propaganda often made H. The Glowalkar collected donations throughout the country and got the support of all the parties, organizations and the government.

Later in NovemberChina openly attacked Bharat along the borders in Arunachal Pradesh and occupied 64, sq.

home | Shri Golwalkar Guruji

The Swayamsevaks were instructed to oversee and ensure the safe retrieval of the Hindus from the areas which were to emerge as Pakistan. Hence, in keeping with his strong urge it was arranged that Swayamsevaks province-wise were called into the Sangh karyalaya to meet him. For instance, serious reading, exceptional memory and the capacity to memorise and mastery over Hindi and English were among the qualities acquired during his early years.


On his return from Devlali, a few months later, Doctorji again took seriously ill and was taken to Nagpur. Hinduism believes that if people persist with following the thoughts of the past beyond their period of validity, they will be frozen in the past and rejected by the course of history; else, they will cause immense violence and harm to the society and to the world at large as different dogmatic faiths and prophesies have done.

The fundamentalism project was the response of the Western — read Christian — scholarship to the movement of history and the outcome of the West-driven global historical process. In his correspondence of those days, to his friends, Madhavrao expressed his sentiments as to how he felt in consonance about the incidents of the aggressive patriotism of revolutionaries.

There gurruji a lot of unrest and anger amongst the swayamsevaks and the masses with regard to those who agreed to the partition. In this meeting, Sardar Patel emphasized on the need for assimilating power of the Hindu society to counter the advent of activities of the Christian gurumi.

Therein Shri Guruji would daily talk at length with the Swayamsevaks. Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya noticed his talent as well as his deep affection for the students, and grew fond of him.

Remembering H. H. Golwalkar Guruji : 2nd RSS Sarsanghachalak – Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

Before 20th of August, he got the information that Sardar Patel was unwell. But the calmness, courage and cooperation with which he went through the whole procedure, with the smile never leaving his face, it was amazing. In those times, he continued to tour those tense areas. Many efforts of opposition, suppression and venomous propaganda have taken place. In Search of his Life Mission Shri Guruji was seriously folwalkar of orienting his life in a definite direction.

Remembering H. H. Golwalkar Guruji : 2nd RSS Sarsanghachalak

With this background, Shri Guruji travelled all over the country and appealed to the Hindus to be prepared for self-defence. Inhis father retired from service and this led to a financial crunch. Vote Fearlessly, Boldly, Rightly I address myself to the great Hindu People, to strive for whom has become my Dharma, the hoary immortal Hindu People whom I worship as the veritable manifestation of the Eternal Divine.


But the disorganized and disoriented followers and people took to destructive activities. The parts that follow this part probe into the thoughts and sayings of Guruji. But even before the forces were yet to liberate the entire land of Kashmir, Pt. Madhavrao started reading the books, through and through, one by one.

He has left behind a vast and trained human asset of high quality, which renews itself through the very work of the RSS. He came to know through him that in the Sargachi Ashram, in Bengal, there stayed Swami Akhandananda, a direct disciple of revered Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa.

I know only one dharma to protect, and that is Dharmaraja! The programme lasted from 16th to 25th May. Desai was then unacquainted golwalkaf the activities of the Sangh. The first such meeting was held in in Sindi and the second was organized in Indore in It only means that what Guruji spoke was ahead of his time. Golwalkar responded by beginning a satyagraha furuji 9 Decemberand he and 60, RSS volunteers were arrested. Anti-Hindu Parties In addition all these parties pride themselves on being non-Hindu.

Many years had since passed. Karna appealed to Arjuna in the name of dharma, saying that it was giruji to strike at an unarmed and chariotless adversary. The hitherto unchallenged idea of minorityism as equal to secularism was challenged by the movement. InGolwalkar enrolled in Hislop Collegea missionary-run educational institute in Guruii. Now look at the chronology. During his four years of study of medicine, Doctorji very keenly studied the working style of revolutionaries, their contributions to the freedom struggle and also actively engaged himself in such activities.

The subject of his letters would naturally vary.