Tai-Pan has ratings and reviews. Jeffrey said: ***MOVIE ADDENDUM ADDED SEPT 13th, ***”’Joss’ was a Chinese word that meant Luck and. Tai-Pan The film begins following the British victory of the first Opium War James Clavell; Stanley Mann; John Briley 1 – Online Româna – Tai-Pan (). Aveți sugestii pentru audio in limba romana? . James Clavell’s Shogun and Taipan novels have a romanian audiobook version I enjoyed.

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The last page is all that matters.

Now he had new history to eyewitness and record. Clavell says he “wanted to write a story about two Americans who go Hong Kong to try and usurp Noble House and have a lot of adventures.

James Clavell

Nonetheless, Clavel’s epic Tai Pan certainly captured my imagination–as I laid awake with it until 3 AM on multiple nights until it was done–it was a compelling page-turner! May 10, Sean rated it clafell was amazing. There were so many great characters especially Dirk and his Mei Mei, they were so well suited,yin and yang. The American-Chinese scientist who defected to China and helped develop the first atom bomb for China, Dr. Dirk has been involved in the complicated and profitable world of opium trading for several years and, as the book starts, sees his plan to win the tsi opium war with China succeed.

InJin-qua arranged for May—May, his favourite granddaughter, to become Dirk Struan’s mistress.

Why, if this is an Historical fiction, are there not major, or even minor fictional characters finding themselves in the time period, experiencing things for themselves, and tao what they see are the main issues?

Struan grew his empire and became the Tai-Pan, or supreme leader of all other traders. Ultimately ti are about bearing children and taking care of the home. Then, a slew of wonderful side characters, the women being beautiful in different ways, but sly, clever and endearing, and the men, varying dramatically from evil to simple, kind to brutal.

This book is an absolute masterpiece! Four bronze coins were split irregularly in half, each coin different from the other three. Clavell translates Tai-Pan as “Supreme Leader”. Oct 21, Checkman rated it really liked it Shelves: As with Clavell’s other novels, the setting and many characters are based on actual events, which set the stage for the novel. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.


Their rocky and often abusive relationship as seamen jajes an intense amount of competitive tension. Today we have many things that makes life much easier and healthy than life back then, and we are fortunate to live in the present and not back then.

Marlowe’s ancestors are also mentioned in other Clavell novels. You know that feeling where you just wanna dedicate a slow jam to a book? This story really should have been a mini-series like Shogun and Noble House.

Richard Blaker’s The Needlewatcher London, is the least romantic of the novels; Blaker consciously attempted to de-mythologize Adams and write a careful historical work of fiction. In particular, I gained what feels like valuable cross-cultural insights into ancient if not contemporary Chinese culture particularly the concept of “face” as it relates to one’s own self-knowledge about how others see one in life as well as in trade.

Finally, British trade opened to private entrepreneurs. Compared to Shogun, there’s less sex in this book. There are two major characters I want to talk about, although Clavell managed to domana a fairly interesting and diverse cast of characters.

In the novel without spoiling This is because of the drastic differences in the two cultures. It kept my attention and was an easy read. I’ll be listening to both soon since they’re continuations of this story. It wasn’t that easy in Taj House. Pretty much romaba is here, giving this the flavour of a historical txi of old with a distinctly mas An outstanding historical saga and my first exposure to James Clavell. By the novel had sold over a million and a half copies in paperback.

He soon made enough money to buy more ships and start a company. He is a painter, preferably of beautiful young women. He compares his various birds to his vassals and mulls over his handling of them, flinging them at targets, giving jsmes morsels, and bringing them back to his fist, and then re-hooding romxna. Unfortunately, not everyone is cool with this whole thing, chiefly his rival of decades Tyler Brock of Brock and Sons.


On the strength of this, I’ll be sure to read the rest of his work. Business concerns of The Noble House included smuggling opium from India into China, trading spices and sugar from the Philippines, importing Chinese tea and silk into England, handling cargo papers, cargo insurance, renting of dockyard facilities and warehouse space, trade financing, and other numerous lines of business and trade.

Unlike the other Asian Saga novels, Noble House is not jamws based on a specific series of events, but is more a snapshot of the s in Hong Kongand serves as a capsule history of Jardines in the s, against the backdrop of the impending Vietnam War and the recent Kim Philby defection.

A trading center on this island could open up more trading opportunities for all British traders.

Tai-Pan (Asian Saga, #2) by James Clavell

I gave up on this pages in. It’s very difficult to get people to read these days with television and the like. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Unfortunately, I believe that all people are only out for their own gain.

After I made a deal with a chinese trader, I had to smuggle the money he gave me back to Hong Kong. Last year, I read Shogun. Tyler Brock was his chief rival.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In he signed a multi picture contract with a Canadian company to produce and direct two films there, Circle of Greed and The Sweet and the Bitter. In the Writers Guild went on strike, meaning Clavell was unable to work.

I am here today interviewing Dirk Struan, who was the main character in the book Shogun, by James Clavell. In Noble Houseset two decades later, he is a novelist researching a book about Hong Kong.