Getting Started with : Important Details. # Inheritance. Reference App; Welcome; Manage Things. Credits; Demo Mode. The stack versions provide + + + in a single file.

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PageNavigatorSimple This component provides a page navigator with no history and no transitions. So the question is “is knockBack going to be a long term supportable solution? However backbone seems to be better adopted and more mature. However, it’s not great at model form synchronization.

Reference App

Todd on Sept 2, Thank you. This component provides a way to embed moveable panes within you HTML for example, sliding between items one at a time with or without transition animations and provides the page transition functionality to kb. It is a lot more clear from the description on https: Must stop skim reading questions! That’s too bad, I had bookmarked it as a really good explanation of the difference between ko and backbone When applying bindings kb.

Components Knockback is compatible with the following components: Don’t get me wrong.

If you are using Knockout. When I was evaluating client-side frameworks, I liked lots of the pieces, but wanted us “mix and match” the best features.

If you would like to have great transition animations between your panes or pages, you need to expose add them to the kb. It uses two conventions to provide the notifications: Do you have any experience with Knoxkback in production?


PageNavigatorSimple except you cannot supply transition animations and create functions there is no history. You can use kb. PageNavigatorPanes provides a ‘dispatcher callback ‘ that is only called when a cached page is not available. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

If you do not use Knockback. I think you should mention the dependencies here: I’ll see ja I can find the original text tomorrow.

: magic for | Hacker News

You can also force pages to unload when they are not active, but supplying a ‘create’ function rather than an element. JQuery is well documented and widely accepted.

If you feel that this question can be improved and possibly reopened, visit the help center for guidance. I’m excited to see where Ember. I started with Backbone. Unfortunately I can’t comment on backbone as I haven’t used beyond tutorials, someone else might be able to assist though. Knockout provided just the right building blocks for a layer between my templates and data. ModelBinder which has proven to be faster, and easier-to-understand. We’ve made the jump into knockoutJS hoping it will be a sustainable solution.

You can dynamic pages either by hand or using Knockback.

Knockout is great for syncing between the client and server, and does history and routing well. However, it does mean that a lot of tutorials talk in different paradigms. Brandon Wittwer 1 8. I fancy dipping my toes into a javascript framework, and being primarily a. The tutorials are exceptional. I’ve been using Knockback on a large multi-module project with good results. This component provides a page navigator with no history and no transitions.


Getting Started with Knockback.js: Knockback.js Important Details

MarkRobinson – I think Mihai was referring to Knock back. Sorry for the bad link. TransitionSavedState to store and restore element classes and css classes before and after your animation.

As someone unfamiliar with both of these some context would be very appreciated. Skating that thin ice of unsuportability.

It is meant for getting up and running quickly in non-require, client side versions if you use require, just require each module separately. I really appreciate KnockOut too, because it can really be added gradually to an app without much assumptions nor getting in the way. I’m wary to use it since it doesn’t seem to be mature enough. The fact that knockout will be included in MVC4 would suggest it is reaching maturity and has a strong level of momentum behind it.

As you probably know, Backbone is known to have a fantastic syncing system built as close as possible to the RESTful pattern. Projects Vidigami Submit yours now!

But such is the life of a JS architect these days!