For the most part, the LUG version pretty much assumes your PCs are Starfleet. The Decipher version doesn’t. You can create any Trek type of. Memory Icon is the new home for the ICON-system content of the gaming site. All the Links to other Star Trek and ICON System resources. Last Unicorn Games’ Star Trek rpg, first published in , runs on an engine the designers called the ICON System. ICON brims with the sort.

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To be sure, action and combat have their places in any Star Trek series, but I struggle to think of many episodes that depended entirely on action to tell a story. Fred Trekker January 19, at 6: Rtek the legal page for more information.

Deep Space Nine Role-playing Game. I plan on reviewing individual supplements right here on this blog in future installments.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Role-playing Game – Wikipedia

Archived from the original on Steve Kenson has posted his unfinished manuscripts on the Star Trek: I can almost see the game designers sitting around a conference table hashing out just how they can give every player something fun to do during starship combat while simultaneously keeping the system flexible enough to work with smaller groups. Many of the supplements produced grek Last Unicorn Games to support the system are excellent and contain a lot of imagination and story seeds.


Newer Post Older Post Home. Unlike current web enhancements, which are simply additions that can be added to the end of a book, LUG took a unique approach, by planning the enhancements ahead of stae, and printing a small Icon symbol at various points in a given book, informing the reader that additional material on the subject-at-hand was available on the company’s website to read or download and print.

This page sttar last edited on 13 Marchat In support of this, much of the unpublished material has been released for the fans.

Want to join in the adventure? Not only did he dust-off his unfinished materials for the fans, he opted to finish them on his own time, for no pay. Then, I simply have the bad guys respond appropriately to whatever the PCs decide.

Voyager rulebook could be released. D Bruniany January 17, at The organization has been in operation for twenty years! That lazer-like focus on creating a uniquely Trek platform pretty much saves the game and makes it a viable option today.

The Trek Lug: A review of LUG’s ICON system for Star Trek rpgs

Any additional crew beyond that is gravy. Science fiction Star Trek. A place for both new and veteran players who like to play for fun and not for politics. Filling out the character sheet becomes a chore, and remembering all the skills your character has is nearly impossible, at least in the first couple play sessions.


John Ross, writer of role playing products and for Last Unicorn Games. Star Trek role-playing game Last Unicorn.

These enhancements are now being stored online, and can be downloaded from Memory Iconunder the Icon Links section. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If a rlg with a handful of aggressive Klingons escalates to the point where disruptors are drawn, there ought to be a serious chance of a PC getting dropped.

Please link all stzr to the address http: Many additional books and supplements were planned, and quite a few had various chapters already written, in varying degrees of completion. Swift’s analysis of economy in Star Trek. So character generation succeeds in providing you with a pile of mechanics that approximate the kind of character you want to play.

Star Trek Roleplaying Game (Last Unicorn)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And all right on the border of being official. Make sure to check out the opening trailer!