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She wouldn’t stop either, I refused to play and people started shouting at me.

He just uploaded a new one a few hours ago focusing on Eric Johnson’s picking technique. This woman barged in just as I was about to start and shouted her friend’s name. Restrooms Accessible restrooms are located near all event re, classrooms and administrative offices. I’d like to get him and Jim Carey in a room together and see how long it d Jim Carey to make DiMeola laugh for maybe the first time in his life.

For someone that loves the guys music it would probably be a pleasure. Maybe he’s a bit of a control freak. He’s leaving a lot of the work up to you to dissect what he’s doing. Sun, Jan 6 at 1: SynthfreekFeb 28, AtmosphericMar 1, Probably someone like Derek Bailey or Dot Wiggin. If you come from a strict alternate picking background it will make for a frustrating adjustment.

A prolific composer and prodigious six-string talent, he has amassed over 20 albums and is respected as one of the most influential guitarists in jazz to date, which has earned him a solid fan base throughout the world. They except ‘outsiders’ and flat 2nds.


[PDF] Al Di Meola – REH Master Series – Free Download PDF

Dk can be done, but you have to start at age ten and start playing these scales for hours a day! I still need to work on my chord changes even now. Neither wrong nor right – just is. Same with cinemas, I’ve seen people loudly make calls during a movie, in a full theatre. The Capitol Theatre has partnered with the renowned Clear Sky on Cleveland to offer a delicious premium dining and entertainment experience!

But isn’t that the reason why we go to concerts of people like Al di Meola, that they are unique and impossible to copy? I like his playing, he’s obviously amazing, and he obviously knows a ton about music. This is such ei stuff if you’re somewhat of an advanced guitar player and understand theory.

Turn left heading west onto Cleveland St. Discussion in ‘ Music Corner ‘ started by Monosterio rey, Feb 6, At the Capitol Theatre, the City of Clearwater provides public parking on the street and in local lots in the area.

[TAB] Al Di Meola REH Video Booklet

For Text Club, I agree and consent to receiving a max 20 text messages per month to this mobile phone number from Ruth Eckerd Hall Mobile Alerts for new show announcements and special offers. Speed is great, if you’re drag racing, but even though I can wear a Fender extra heavy pick down to a soft round in a single day with extremely silly fast runs, I rarely use that speed, a little goes a long way in making music. I hope this point doesn’t seem deliberately subtle or “smart ass.

Wheelchair locations with companion seats are available for all performances. It took a long time for me to learn how to slow down, but I’m glad I did. Sign Language Interpretation If you require a sign language interpreter, please submit a written request to the Patron Services Manager at least four 4 weeks prior to the event date.


Speed is the last thing to consider, because anything you can learn to do slow you can do insane practice to the point of doing fast. Those people are spoiling it for the rest of the audience, I’d be pissed too if I were him.

As inspiring as it is discouraging. Also, it is a matter of who you would WANT to copy.

One of these technically gifted players – but boring after 15 minutes or so. For more information, call Patron Services at And even blues and everything in between Loved the way Zappa took the piss out of Al back in the day.

John FellFeb 28, Visit the Cleveland Street District website for more information. Log in or Sign up. I have him liked on facebook.

Al Di Meola

Holdsworth was the tightest vi I’ve seen live. A variety of restaurants are located within walking distance to the Capitol Theatre. Agreement to receive an SMS message is not a condition of purchasing a good or service. One of them was constantly walking in and out, nervously dragging on cigarettes.