Easy-to-use PCB design software CADSTAR includes; schematics, PCB Experience CADSTAR PCB design software for free – includes 4 self teach tutorials. PCB Design Self Teach – CADSTAR iii. Table Of SCM Design Editor. The Schematic Design program should now be run up with as the. (ii) Contents – Schematic Design Self Teach – CADSTAR Task: To read in an existing Schematic design called

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An extra small border is allowed around the design and stacked components so it is easy to view and work with.

If appropriate, click on Show Tips on StartUp so that xelf is now deselected and then click on the Close button Do not worry if swlf find that the system has automatically opened up a Schematic or PCB design – the previous user may have set up the system to do this. You can use the usual quickaccess methods to display an option – this uses the Alt key with the underlined letter.

Self Teach.rar

This will only last for the duration of the move, or until the p key is pressed again. The current Grid value is displayed in the Status bar at the bottom of the screen. However, the router may tidy away unnecessary route segments, if there is a shorter path it can take. Select an existing horizontal or vertical route segment by clicking the left hand mouse button. Try moving some individual components with the Align components option switched on.


Cadstar software –

When you have created the Block symbol you can exit from the Block Tech window: Acdstar combination of keys enables you to select all the symbols on a sheet in one operation: Your current view of the design depends on the resolution of the screen.

So far the connections have been made up of horizontal and vertical segments. Select Allocate Part again 6. But the Activ tool makes this routing much easier and quicker. Terminal Code is for selecting the name of the Terminal Assignment being set up.

A track will follow the cursor movements. Select the Shapes tab on the Defaults dialog The next dialog is shown below: Drag U1-A again – as you do so and without tteach the left hand mouse button, type C and press Enter Now, connections are not displayed as you move the symbol. The system can carry out this name allocation automatically.

The effect of the change is displayed on the map. Select the Stack Offboard tool on the Toolbar P.


Press the Escape key to obtain the dialog again As you will see later, the line width of the Bus itself is set up on the Shapes dialog. Scmm off the display of the Macros Toolbar That completes this short trip around the software. Editor XR will retain the routing up to the last left mouse button click.

A dialog available from the File, Authorizations command enables you to select the variant. By adding the same Block symbol each time you end up with the same Signal Names on each Block. When the sdlf is complete you are given the option to view the What’s New help pages.


You will be ecm to press the OK button if the attribute is non-editable. A Schematic window showing an empty drawing blank – ready for your Schematic drawing – is also displayed. The placement data is contained within a FIF file that is saved in the same directory cdastar the Layout Editor design file. Using the G command, change the Working Grid to Referring to the diagram of the Hierarchical Blocks on a previous page: This file contains all the attributes set teacj the design at the time of saving.

Use Move to tidy up the positions of the names – they should be similar to the diagram Saving A Design Now that you have completed this chapter you need to save the sheets you have created so far. You are also prompted to: It informs you that the Installation ‘Wizard’ is being run up.

Select 90 in the Angle box 7.

PCB Design Software – CADSTAR | Zuken

You will be naming the blocks JK1, JK2, etc. Loading Attributes If you have saved an attributes file, you may want to recall the cavstar at a later time.

Mincon minimizes connection lengths. It indicates – as expected – that the replacement for R5 does not have the same footprint as the Master.