Infusions are neither arcane nor divine; they are drawn from the artificer infusion 1—1: Ability Modifiers and Bonus Spells, page 8 of the Player’s Handbook). Some slang: Bufficer- An artificer focused on buff or support spells for himself or comrades. Archeficer- An artificer, usually a variant of the bufficer, who focuses. The newest book in the Arcane Mystery series, The Artificers Handbook And Diablo and every other action RPG ripped the class/level system from D&D.

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You trade the Gnome’s skill at Alchemy and potential ease of gaining Bind Elemental, and in return become better at hitting your targets and are less likely to spend precious Action Points on making a Save thanks to your artificdr bonuses. Other than those, the spear is very powerful for a Simple melee weapon, although it means giving up on using a shield. Praise I’ve received Spoiler.

Artificer Handbook

It justifies having a 10 in, but I would not recommend putting more than a 12 in it. Bottom line here, though, is that there is very little reason to be a Shifter Artificer other than for roleplaying reasons.

Home of user-generated, homebrew pages! Knowledge architecture and engineering. Unfortunately, not all of the images match the text as we have the Willmaster’s Lash pages before the actual item and the Maul of the Chicken on the opposite page of the item.

The descriptions are very useful with the gems and makes it a snap to describe what a beryl or what a iolite looks like but doesn’t go into any game effects of what these things might’ve done in their legendary role. This applies to later levels, but somethings you may use constantly may not be so fun wasting xp everyday and better used as an eternal wand.


Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Use skill enhancement infusion with use magic device.

But as a secondary class, the Artificer can add some oomph to almost any class. Which means the party tank will be in melee with the bad guys.

With the number of times you will be using the buffing spells, the ability to simply make a Minor Schema containing them will take a lot of burden off of you, and your resources. Not a must have, but definitely something to keep in mind if you just need a feat to take.

You cannot get this score too high. Maximized D&&d Spell all day long!

Artificer Player’s Guide (3.5e Optimized Character Build)

As in, if your wand is crafted as a 5th level Fireball wand, this feat will make the wand do damage as if it were a 7th level Fireball wand. Ups the save DC and effective caster level of wands you use by 2. It does this, primarily, through the Use Magic Device skill. That also goes to letting a character throw acid to a wall for a whole night. Not to mention, using dual wand as a full round action just means you get to fire a quicken spell off at best when you need it.

Want to make a quick history artificeer a magic item? Means its harder for your opponent to make a save against them, and it means you get more damage out of each shot.


As a normal Artificer, the Kalashtar rank with the elves and halflings in terms of usefulness. Sunday, 27th June, No less than a 14 if you plan on entering melee regularly. Also useful are those weird components, you know, the old exotic stuff like the breath of a mountain or a knight’s dashed hopes. Recommended Feats Improved Homunculi: Combined with charger form, you can hqndbook 4 slam attacks.

Artificer Handbook | Realm of Adventure Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

By now you should’ve built a dedicated wright, unless your DM allows crafting between adventures with ample time, and are setting them to work. The proper way to use most of these should be fairly self evident. Persistent spell CArc – Make those personal or fixed range spells permanent on yourself.

This one lets you shoot lightning! The only exception is the Warforged, who fall under the Construct category, which can be infused directly. Allow the Artificer to meet artifiicer prereqs for PrC as long as he can replicate that spell, and is the same level as a normal spellcaster is supposed ahndbook be.

One of the better auguries, and doesn’t cost xp. Never let Strength go negative, however, as those negatives will apply to your damage rolls.