Homemade Semtex by Seymour Lecker, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. “When combined with diesel oil, and perhaps boosted by Semtex, A small quantity of high explosive such as TNT or Semtex is used to. Buy a cheap copy of Homemade Semtex: C-4’s Ugly Sister book by Seymour Lecker. This first book focusing on Semtex, the plastique most widely used by.

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It’s been used in hundreds of terrorist atrocities worldwide. If the solution should go above 30 degrees, immediately dump the solution into the ice bath!

Then cut it into a piece about three and a half inches in length. Pour mixture into pipe. Motor oil, petroleum jelly, or vegetable oil 4. These crystals should be relatively pure potassium chlorate. In one beaker, mix 5 g of mercury with 35 ml of concentrated nitric acid, using the glass rod.

Repeat this step if necessary, and use new sodium bicarbonate solutions as in step 2. This website uses cookies to provide you a better user experience.

Mix ingredients well by stirring with acid resistant rod. Then crimp this end just as you did with the other Don’t forget the tape! Remove bucket from heat and pour mixture into alcohol while stirring vigorously. Astrolite A- 15 How to make an improvised land mine 1. Follow Us Twitter Facebook. This is done with and eye- dropper, slowly and carefully.


Homemade Semtex : C-4’s Ugly Sister

Place potassium nitrate, charcoal, and sulfur in the heat resistant bucket. Black Powder about 4 table spoons 3. Heat this solution until it homfmade and allow to cool.

Hanrahan agreed with homemaxe that other smaller electrical components were also found in the water butt which were capable of being used within an explosive device. In case semrex are confused, here is a drawing. The nitration will produce heat, so the solution must be kept below 30 degrees centigrade! When the toaster filaments get hot enough they will light the black powder blowing it up.

The court heard that O Coisdealbha has no previous convictions, is a single man and lives at home with his parents. Millions of tons are produced each year for agricultural use and its sale is unregulated in Britain – it is banned in Northern Ireland and the Republic. Did I miss something?

For the first ten minutes of nitration, the mixture should be gently stirred. Astrolite A- 15 Homemade Blackpowder Black powder can be prepared in a simple, safe manner.


Full text of “Semtex, How to make”

Fold about a half of an inch inward of one end. Please note that TheJournal. Then, using the same process, powder the same amount of PETN.

Please select the reason for reporting this comment. This is a dangerous point since the nitration will take place as soon as the glycerin is added.

Razor or any other sharp knife. Stir the mixed acids and glycerin for the first ten minutes of nitration, adding ice and salt to the ice bath to keep the temperature of the solution in the ml beaker well below 30 degrees centigrade.

Store in a cool, dry place. Nonelectrical- Follow all the instructions above but instead of using wire use fuse.