User manual KYOSHO ULTIMA SC-R – MY PDF Read more about kyosho, ultima , manual, spare, screw and guide. If you are looking for the instruction manual: Radio-controlled (RC) model KYOSHO EP ULTIMA SC-R – you have come to the right place. On this page you can. Download and view instructions KYOSHO EP ULTIMA SC-R SP Radio-controlled (RC) model online. Click to go to download KYOSHO EP ULTIMA SC-R SP.

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Quantity 32 33 x 6 No. The smaller bags are clearly labeled and correspond to a step in the manual. Get Your Ride Race Ready.

Kyosho Ultima SC Setup Sheets

C Bind the wires with strap. Taking out liability insurance is recommended. On this page you can download it for free.

B 3x10mm 3x10mm 3 x 8mm 2 5 4 46 3 x 6mm Button Hex Screw 1 3 x 10mm Button Hex Screw 5 19 2 17 3x10mm 3x6mm 18 3 16 1 A 21 Screws which were semi tightened in Page22 Compare nuts, bolts, screws, etc to the “Actual Size” drawings on each page before fitting to ensure that you are installing the correct parts.


This may lead to further trouble and unforeseen accidents! Pay careful attention to them during construction. Always keep this instruction manual ready at hand for quick reference, even after completing the assembly.

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Some of the screws can later ulitma removed to tune chassis flex. Cut off shaded portion. The shock body consists of three major components, a top cap, velvet coated threaded bodies, and a lower cartridge. Immediately stop the model and check the reason. Apply instant glue CA glue, super glue. Should any parts be missing, contact the retail shop from whom the model was purchased.


If part rotates into the opposite direction to partno further adjustment is necessary. The aluminum bellcrank pieces install onto the previously installed aluminum steering posts. In rear motor configuration, ulttima SC6 weights subtract 60 grams for the servo grams. Take enough safety precautions prior to operating this model.

To enjoy this model to its fullest, complete assembly properly, perform maintenance and add optional upgrades as desired. B 26 28 A Note in the direction of the hole.


Here are the rear shocks installed on the SC6. Insert the shaft slowly. Aluminum steering post are inserted through the bottom and ball studs are installed into the inner most hole with a 1mm roll center washer to raise the ball. For an indoor, higher traction clay track, you might want to install a solid servo horn for a more direct feel.

Step 5 has you install mounting hardware and the spring loaded servo saver ,yosho the servo. The shock mounts on the arms have two mounting positions the instructions say outer hole mount for fine-tuning. Description No. The side guards have a nifty servo wire routing incorporated into them to give you a snag-free clean look.

Use inside hole position. For more information on the transmitter, kindly refer to the instruction manual of the transmitter. More articles by Tony Ultuma. This product is a fully functional radio control model.